1 XMR = $48.23

Viewing Offer to Buy XMR

Can Pay: $ 1,000.00 to 5,000.00 USD
  ~  20.734 to 103.670 XMR
Buyer: Bgmrk (0)
Payment Methods: Cash in Person
Cash by Mail
Location: Canada: Toronto, ON, M1W 3e1
Within Distance: 100 Kilometers
Expires: 18 Aug '17 06:30 pm (GMT -4)

Buy ads are based on US dollar amounts, not XMR amounts. The XMR amount shown here is the amount of USD the buyer has offered, divided by the Exchange Rate. The actual amount of XMR will need to be determined between the seller and buyer.

Only those with an active sell ad may respond to buy offers. Log in or register, place an ad to sell, and you're in business.

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