1. Nothing. Whether you're buying or selling, it's all free.

  2. No. If you want to receive email notifications when someone responds to your advert, you can add your email address email addresses, and nobody will be able to view your email address. The only thing we use your email for (if you provide it) is to notify you of actions on this site that are related to your activities on this site.

  3. No. This site does not hold funds used in trades, so it's impossible for your funds to be hacked or stolen from this site. All trading is peer-to-peer.

  4. Since one of Monero's pillars is Privacy, and since the use of JavaScript can help to reveal information about the user, we've decided to not use it. This means that values on pages do not auto-update and that you need to refresh a page if you want to see the latest values (this doesn't apply to some pages). We believe that preserving privacy is more important than having pages auto-update, especially when users can still get the latest data by refreshing a page.

  5. No.

  6. No. We're just Monero fans who want to provide a service to buyers and sellers of XMR, and to help promote the use of Monero.

  7. MoneroForCash was launched in August 2016 by u/c-789. u/tficharmers helped to redesign the site in October 2017 and took over the role of running the site in December 2017.

  8. Here's a list of available wallets. We recommend the full Monero GUI for most uses. You can use the secure, web-based MyMonero wallet for "pocket change" or for fast access to spending money while on the go. When your immediate need for Monero is past, transfer your Monero to your GUI wallet.

  9. Only for failed attempts with registering, logging in, password recovery, human checks, and contacting us. Other than those cases, no. IP addresses are not recorded for successful attempts with all of the above.

  10. No, although that's one option you can choose. You can also choose to sell your XMR at the floating exchange rate. If you choose this option, you can specify a percentage you want added to (or subtracted from) the exchange rate price. The exchange rate is provided by CoinMarketCap.com

  11. No.